Posted by: Neeraj | November 15, 2009

The family

Over the years the word family has been redefined a few times. Earlier it was a collection of families living together as one under a common roof, with the great grandfather or the grandfather (read the oldest surviving male member) at the helm and the father, the uncles, the aunts, and their progenies together formed one large elastic joint structure which absorbed all the shocks an intertwined structure threw at them. 

With time, along with the aspirations the price of land began to increase and combined with intercity migration the imminent collapse of the large joint family happened. So, what survived was a smaller scale unit of father-mother-offsprings who stuck together as one small joint family with the father typically ruling even with other adult male members in the house.

In today’s world even the small joint family is disintegrating. The arrival of studios (small one room apartments announcing the winds of change) have again redefined the word. Now, it is one small unit with only young, unmarried progenies living together as one. These progenies too are like birds of flight, waiting to move out as soon as their first career move signifying freedom happens.

I am a firm believer that with all the socio-economic changes that are happening, over the years the most chances of the type of family system surviving are those of the small joint family.

Will continue the second part of this piece soon..


  1. waiting for your thoughts on the subject!

  2. did not get the time to do this? Will do soon?

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