Posted by: Neeraj | November 5, 2009

The Book

I had that perpetual itch to write. It’s that kind of a thing which has the capability to destroy. I thought it (the itch) was under control till I dabbled with bits and pieces of insignificant nothings. Madness began when I decided to do the unthinkable. I began to write a book, in fact  ‘The Book’.

First of all, writing ‘The Book’ takes a lot out of you. It is a job not for the cowardly. And I, do not consider myself a ‘Braveheart’ by any means. It initially is not but, after a while it becomes a one way street because the only thing that you consider doing is going on till you finish ‘The Book’. That thing called passion will not let you have it any other way. Somewhere along the way you realise that you are no more writing anything even vaguely close to what you set out to initially and that you have changed the course of ‘The Book’ entirely. You feel completely lost but still continue. It’s like swimming in the middle of the sea when you just can’t afford to quit.

So, you carry on, keeping awake at odd hours. eating into whatever little time you have with family, not sure whether what you are writing is really worth all the pain but still giving it that final push that takes ‘The Book’ past that finishing line. Tired but elated, you feel the world is now at your feet. Sadly, no. Just after you finish ‘The Book’ reality dawns that what you considered the end was just the beginning.

The entire process of writing changes your personality entirely. You are considered a Nerd and your social value nosedives. What else do you expect if you resist invites to parties, miss New Year eves and knot your brows when someone visits your home uninvited on a weekend? Add to that your new found desire to get published and the Publisher’s stubbornness in reading a new writer’s book and you almost look like the spruced-up-  photoshopped-image of a madman. But, since you have taken the plunge and without knowing have slowly converted to a ‘Braveheart’, you refuse to quit. That is almost the time when you turn back to God and become his subservient servant, silently asking him for help and conveniently forgetting that you had not let him enter your heart since the time you were born.

The end was happy for me (because surprisingly Rupa decided to publish my book) and I wish it would be so for all the other aspiring writers, never mind the pun in what I have written above. There are examples of exemplary success everywhere. So, whenever you feel down and out just look up to them for inspiration because let’s not forget – they were one of us till some time ago and we shall be one of them in the not so distant future. So don’t give up and go for it. If Rabindra Nath Tagore could do it with only a pen that wrote a few lines (till it had to be dipped in that pot again) and without Microsoft Word, you can do it too. A few good omens are already on your side without your knowing it.


  1. The publication with the leading publisher rupa was well deserved and I can say this because of the story and the efforts after writing it.

  2. Your blog is very inspiring and fresh …. Your story telling and writing ability is great and I can smell atleast 10 more books from you…..

    Heard and read alot about ur book … will be purchasing ur book today and I am sure it will be a great read a learning experience

  3. Your comment was inspiring too Jorawar and welcome to the blog. Hope you like the book as well. Do let me know the feedback. And, I have a feeling that you write as well (who else could be inspired by this piece). Let me know if I can be of help in any other way.

    And thank you Jyoti for reading all my blogs and finding the time to comment on them.

  4. I read few other articles/post on your blog and it keeps getting better and better …
    I got ur book yesterday. I was already bold away by the cover page and the name of the book but the content inside is even better … Congratz for writing so good …. I am looking forward to complete the book in a day or two ..

    Sir, my reading habbit is very very bad and I guess my writing is also taking a toll in terms of commitment and logic …

    Yes, even I want to write a book about my own break-up ( Same old bollywood style story but as every says … It has something new in it, lol ). I will be really honoured if you can give me some tips or help me in writing … I have written few peoms in my own style. Kindly try to read my blog whenever you have the time…

    Actually I am learning the fine points, style by reading your book and it is a good learning experience for me … Thank you Sir

  5. Thats great, thank you. We must all pen a story even if it is for our own personal satisfaction and not worry about it not getting published. Will visit your blog too and comment. Thanks

  6. Sir you had come to nit kkr sometime before for placement and you send a copy of your book to my father who is Prof-in-charge Training and Placement.

    • I akshat,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I did not go there myself but one of my colleagues at office went and gifted it to your father. You are welcome to write to me at

  7. Hi Neeraj
    Got your message on goodreads.So here I am..
    Your post was humorous and honest.The transition from just writing anything randomly to finally committing yourself to write a book requires courage(to face the criticism and setbacks),patience( to get the job done) and confidence( in your abilities as a writer).
    it was great that you took and leap and penned a novel.If your blog is anything to go by then the book is already a winner.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book.
    Keep up the good work !!

  8. Thanks so much Sujata for visiting. Please do read the book. Nothing can be more exciting for a new author than to be read and accepted.

  9. Hi Neeraj

    Congrats for writing such an amazing book……I came across the Title while surfing on the web for some books for my upcoming weekend. And there I Find Zero percentile, missedIIT KISSED RUSSIA, the last two words made me Nostalgic. I too had studied in Russia and you mentioned the city as well (Rostov na Donu). Your second half of the book for me was just like reliving all the moments through the memory lane. I could relate to most of the instances you shared. Russia for most of the people who lived or studied there has been a life changing experience It is good that you through your book have shared them and kept nostalgia alive.

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