Posted by: Neeraj | January 13, 2009

The Resolution

Its been a long hiatus. Hope it has done me some good and I am able to write better (read readable) blogs. While I had been away, I was pushed hard by my friends (and push came to shove and shove to pester – never heard of it?). One of them even had the gumption of comparing a writer to a cricketer and insinuating that as cricketers practice daily so should I begin to write daily too. My good friend does not realize that we writers may suffer from a tennis elbow too and need to recuperate.

After being badgered so much I decided to start blogging, if only for the sake of stopping all those unsympathetic comments from those cruel friends who, I think, do not give a damn if I happen to sleep lesser. I can imagine a smirk on their faces when they write to me or call me advising me to return to writing. And so was born my resolution for the year 2009.

Resolutions are funny things. They remain dormant throughout the year only to surface when it is the new year eve and then go back to dormancy again in a week’s time. And they are not small. In fact, they are huge and come with the intent of turning the normal lives of normal human beings extraordinarily and not letting them return to that stupid past. So, on the new year eve and under the influence of different factors such as alcohol, peers (everyone is adopting one) or simply the urge to overpower your suppressed weakness you fall prey and choose one for yourself too.

They are outrageous and are almost like asking for a miracle to happen. The obese wants to be thin (surpassing the stage that is fat), the two pack a day smoker wants to quit (not realizing there is a state of moderate smoking in between), the strictly non veggies resolve not to eat meat till the next New Year eve -  all of them waiting for that smallest of chance to fail. What follows is a deep sense of guilt and depression until you begin to think you are imbecile and a complete waste.

My advise to all my readers is to start small, just as I have done (I chose writing every day as my resolution – pun intended) and survive to see tomorrow and still be sane. And you know when to expect my next blog, don’t you?


  1. hehehehe! very true! But still I search this page at least thrice a week to find something new. Since last few MONTHS was disappointed. Thanks for starting it again.

  2. Neeraj, my new year resolution is the same every year:

  3. The 1st month of the year is about to end and no new post yet…

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