Posted by: Neeraj | September 6, 2008

The Religion

The cliche “Man is a social animal” manifests itself in many ways. Growing beyond the belief of individual identity, man had always wanted to be uniquely identified and assert himself socially. He learnt to mutate, multiply and form various complex structures. His need to be recognized at different levels  – as one family and one clan, as one culture and one society, as one state and one country or united as poor or rich was insatiable. The most powerful form of belonging came from religion and its various forms. Religion easily transgressed physical barriers and began to be practiced worldwide. Even for the intelligent its a tough call to choose between his faith and his country.

People throng to religion because it gives them a reason to live life beyond the materialistic. For some, it gives release to their spiritual energy and helps them come to peace with themselves. For others, it allows them to commit more sins outside as they had already asked for forgiveness for all the bad things that they had done. To the weak it gives the high of being accepted socially and to the powerful, the ever growing flock  ready to die at his command.

Religion is big business these days. Politicians use it as a tool to garner votes and come to power. There is no easier way to divide people and generate euphoria than through religious outcries. Countries were formed on the pretext of people practicing same religion. Religion brings in a lot of money too from the religious tourists who come for their periodic pilgrimages. So the locals tolerate them because they feed on them. Religion has the power to unite and divide – unite the people who practice it and divide them from the people who don’t.

Religion still leaves me with more questions than answers. If man was born Adam and Eve and then grew (many may dispute this theory but at some point in time in the past we must have been very few and a single clan or if we evoluted then too it could not have been the work of different Gods) how could he have different Gods. God is one unless he is human too and felt the need to assert himself through his various identities. And Mankind, if only it stuck to a faith and not try to give a form and shape to it the world could still have survived as one country, one religion and one clan and not lost itself to the Chinese whispers that passed on through generations starting with “We are one and the children of one God” but now interpreted as “We are children, all very different, each with his own personal God”.

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  1. Exactly the way I think! Even if we evolved and at different places too and so we gave different names to the creator, preserver and destroyer. But as we evolved as human race with unique ability to think, why this fight over religion? No matter what one does, one is bound to die, so why not be in harmony.

  2. So lets worship God without tagging him to a religion and promoting our interests by giving them religious annotations. God is strong enough to survive without our promotional campaigns and we should instead focus our energies on promoting humanity and not divides.

  3. All the relions are very sacred but it is man’s intolerance and other vices which have ruined them. We must understand the fact that One’s Faith Is One’s Own and it should not be imposed by anybody on anyone, especially the so-called religious institutions. Faith can shake mountains but is itself unshakable, if it changes due external influence then it is not Faith but mere ostentation. There is no harm in following any religion as long as it promotes spirituality and self-realization and not communal disharmony. Lets believe in GOD and not Religion.

  4. Religion was started as a means to give shape to the almighty. So, the initiation of this idea was in good faith (funny to use the word “faith” here). Its just that over a period of time it has been used as a way to divide the community by some people for their own benefits. Although i as an individual is not a follower of any religion, but like it has been mentioned by Sneh ma’am in the above comment; it is not the religion that we have to fight against. It is the intolerance with regards to other religions that needs to be put a stop to. Because fighting a religion is like fighting the freedom of people to recognize god in their own idiosyncratic way.

  5. …. religion …. why?

  6. you mean why a post on religion?

  7. I meant why should there be something called religion at all…

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  11. Landed here via Avant-Garde nominations page.

    Would suggest you to populate your sidebar and also put a blogroll, if there are blogs that you like to read etc.

  12. Landed here via Avant-Garde nominations page

    Liked your style of writing. And agree with your views also!! 🙂

  13. Thanks Anshul, Sakhi for visiting. And Sakhi, its great that we are like minded on this – two people lessers for different religions

  14. It is good to have an opinion, but it is recommended to have some insight of the opinion.

    The intelligentsia assembled here is of convinced opinion that there is a God and once he is directly accessible why do we need
    God is accessibly but not directly , not even to the most blessed.
    Knowing well in advance the very corruption of human being to its DNA level, through his messengers he formulated
    some rules now called Religion.

    My dear intelligentsia, knowing well about his omnipresence,how many times have you you wept for Him, how many times have you requested him Oh god manifest thyself.If a thief knows that in the the neighboring room where he is sleeping, lies a bundle of currency, believe me he will either not sleep the whole night thinking of how to have that bundle or keep on taking attempts.
    So how many times you had the same plight as that of a thief?

    Coming to religion, it is a medium for commoners like us to just make us first believe that He is there and once we have believed it and
    then when our plight becomes that of a thief mentioned above, the very need of religion disappears.
    But first reach that level.

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