Posted by: Neeraj | August 22, 2008

A friend and the friend

A friend will keep on changing but the friend will remain with you for life

A friend may disappear when you fall into a problem whereas the friend gets transformed into the friend at the time of the first problem

You will have many a friends but sadly or fortunately very few the friends

You will confuse between a friend and an acquaintance many times but the friend will be just that the friend

A friend will typically be the result of your social circumstances whereas the friend will typically be there inspite of your circumstances

A friend indulges in politics and the friend will shield you from it

The friend will always live without a storage device whereas a friend would not let you forget the need for one (where he stores and constantly fetches what all he has done for you)

Your family may not know a friend but the friend will be a part of that family

And finally you should allow access to all to be a friend but be diligent with who you tag as the friend



  1. Very True!!

  2. very well written DOST….
    but i always try to be THE friend for all my friends….
    i dont know how much i am sucessful in doing all that…but i always try to give my sinceat effort….
    i hope i am the friend for you….

  3. I always knew that you have a very good observation and you have proved it once again.I sincerely wish you have more “THE FRIENDS’ than you presently have but dont forget that everything in this world is ‘GIVE and TAKE’ and whatever handful of THE FRIENDS we have should be sustained forever. Which one do I qualify as?

  4. Also what is important for me is that with a friend I have to think before I speak but with the friend even silence is gold and when I speak I can speak the shittiest of things and go back home in peace not having to think about the implications of what I had said.

  5. Mr. Sandeep Mehta! You are also getting your hand dirty now in writing. I am so happy for that.

  6. I think you should sell this post to Archie’s gallery for a poster or a friendship day card.

  7. but the thing is “the” friend always starts out as “a” friend, and slowly over time, progresses to the “the” status of friendship. so although there are differences between a friend and the friend surely a friend may eventually turn out to be the friend, and therefore treating a friend and the friend as the same person is essential in obtaining many the friends.
    just my 2 cents 🙂

  8. beautifully written… its a perfect friendship’s day writeup

  9. Thank You Shruti. We bloggers, really love first time visitors, especially when they tell us how good we are. So its a double delight that you decided to visit us. Welcome aboard.

  10. Me The friend?

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