Posted by: Neeraj | August 9, 2008

Why do I believe God exists?

The primary reason why people believe that God exists is because He is inherited, He is imbibed and He is injected into our system through the daily breakfast television, the loudspeaker of our neighborhood temple and the weekend sermon in the illegally acquired neighborhood park. Some of it is genuine, most, a result of the glamour and power of religion which provides the religious Gurus security for a lifetime. None can escape the powerful combination of God and religion served loud even if not right.

I myself very strongly believe in the existence of God but not because of any of the above reasons. I believe in Him because there is so much method in the way the world has evolved over the years, so much complexity in the way different species interact with and their interdependence on one another. Look at the way the human body has been designed: a complex mesh of different organs, each with its own specific purpose in the whole cycle of existence defined by the complex DNA carrying billions of bits of information which passes on through generations telling all parts how to grow and behave. Look at the way how various living forms such as plants and animals replicate and reproduce. The whole process of existence is very complex and such complex things could not have happened without the help of a Controller who is keeping a hawk eye over the proceedings lest something goes wrong.

I believe He is a force far more superior than any of the existing super computers and has a vision far greater than all of the existing entrepreneurs on the face of earth. This is why we need to respect Him, love Him and above all thank Him for giving us a chance to live.



  1. one thing I would like to add about this is, if you see the world from the space outside of earth then everything that is happening seems so useless. Everything changes in a matter of 100 years and you are just a tiny tiny spec of whole existence, so why are you here, what to do in life, why you worry so much?? Isn’t it amazing and so intriguing? how man evolved why now people fight for power?

    just too good!!!

  2. Yes Jyoti, very true

  3. Sir ji, you make a good point, and God is a way of putting credit (or blame) for the complexity that creation (again, the moment I use this word, it has a Godly connotation) is.

    However, there can be other explanations. For example, all of the wonderful complexities of existence can be a random occurrence, can they not?

    If there can be infinite outcomes of events which could have happened, then I suppose the probability for any of them happening is the same (and so the event, that caused the state of things to be the way they are, could just have happened by chance).

    Anyway, to each his/her/its own.

    But like always, great writeup. I am beginning to gain ann ever increasing respect for the way you are able to express your thoughts in words.

  4. Yes you are right too. Different strokes for different people. And the respect, well! let it grow

  5. When is the next post coming up? You already have people waiting for when you are going to write next (namely me).

  6. me tooooooooooooooooooooooo wating………….
    waise vaibhav i know the title of next write up batadoo kya…..


  7. Wow probability theory in existence!! never thought this way. Its a big people talk [;)]

  8. yaar Neeraj It has been seven long days there is no New post….
    really bad….
    we all are waiting………

  9. Gud that you have realised HIS presence quite early in life.The main motive of our life is to recognise THE SUPREME POWER through the realisation of SELF.Good going I AM HAPPY WITH YOUR SELF-GROWTH.

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