Posted by: Neeraj | August 6, 2008

We just want a little bit more than we get

I was born a human being. When I was a child I loved toys. Slowly I grew up and my priorities began to change but human nature as it is did not change. I still want just a little bit more than what I already have. I guess this is true for everyone else in this world too. Here are a few examples:

When I was a child I just wanted to grow up and be like Papa – big and strong. It wasn’t much that I was asking God for. Then I grew up to be a teenager and was doing reasonably well in my studies and suddenly Papa told me to top my class. I began to try hard, really hard and I huffed and puffed my way to first position in the class. Realizing I had potential Papa began to push me to study even harder and put before me an almost unachievable target of doing Engineering and that too from the best Engineering Institute in the country. I tried but failed. I managed to become an Engineer but not from the top Institute in the country. Realizing I was not competent enough he settled for lesser.

Then came my chance of starting work just like everyone else. I commuted for three hours everyday on a bus and thought,” Oh, God! If only I had a two wheeled drive how much time and effort would it save me.” After an year of toil God relented and let me have one. I was the happiest man in the world but for a few days. Slowly, my envy shifted to all those people who drove a car, whose white shirt remained white throughout the day and I started craving for a car. The craving stayed with me until I pushed myself to buy my first car – a non airconditioned less than a liter car. It was the most beautiful thing on earth but again for a few days.

I was not married then. I always rate myself as one of the more contented man. So I prayed for a non controversial homely wife who could adapt to the culture of my home. I got married and the lady, to her credit, adjusted really well. In the meanwhile, I had got fed up of my non AC car and started looking for ways to buy an AC version, always telling myself that the green house effect was making the earth hotter every day. At the same time I had got bored of my Executive position and my Manager was the focal point of my envy. God again relented in a few years, I got promoted and bought myself an AC car.

At home, my wife got germinated with seeds of our first child and both of us prayed only for the baby to be born safe. Self professed contemporary Indians we did not care what the sex of the baby was. The baby was born safe – a girl child and very beautiful. All of us were very happy.

A few years have passed since and we sit in the present. I am not the happiest man again. I now crave for a bigger car – an SUV or a luxury Sedan, the position of the head of my organization, an Ivy league education for my child and off course a second child – now a boy child. And I also wish that my wife, the lady of the house, should have been someone else – a more educated, erudite, suave working professional.



  1. Sayeen Itna Deejiye, Ja Mein Kutumb Samaye
    Main Bhi Bhookha Na Rahun, Sadhu Na Bhookha Jaye

    What you have written is so naive: like everybody in this world is from inside 🙂

    weekend par aajkal aapka time kahan jaata hai yeh toh samajh aa gaya…may I ask you a question? did you proof read?

  2. Hopefully, your wife is not going to give you a tough time for this one… and hopefully, you will not continue the trend and achieve that last wish (the trend being swapping what you currently have with what you want) 😀

    Once again, well written. Those who know you (or think they do) will now know you all over again. 🙂

  3. Wee Vaibhav, this post was inspired by a few people around me and is not a direct take off from my own life. I guess this is true for everyone and this dissatisfaction with your existence gives you one more reason to live

  4. In which case, I can see some of myself in there… I think… 🙂

  5. very well written Dost…………….

    “We just want a little bit more than we get”

    For most of the people this is the driving force in life……
    🙂 see i can also write something 🙂 🙂

  6. As always u r right but as per the law of Nature THE ALMIGHTY gives us according to our ability to handle succesfully. Remember what Gita says– SAMAY SE PEHLE AUR BHAGYA SE ADHIK KUCH NAHI MILTA but I am no excepection so I also wish you could also have more hair on your head. BIWI SE PANGA MAT LENA HANDSOME.

  7. good one! Sneh…
    i totally agree ………….

  8. hehehehe!!! sahi hai!

  9. true and nicely expressed!! yeah all of us want more than we get….but that is the key to not only an individual’s progress but the progress of humanity as a whole :)….

  10. again very well written mama, but surely wanting more than what we have is what pushes Man to further boundaries and aim for the NEXT, without this life would become boring and monotonous. so i see ur post as less of a rant and more of a observation about how this aspect of nature is nessesary for the human race to prospere.
    perhaps it is this very quality that differenciates us from the race closest to us, the APE. 😉

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