Posted by: Neeraj | August 2, 2008

The Park

Unobtrusive, silent, undemanding, compromising and giving – that’s how I perceive my neighborhood Park. It gives me life, maybe has saved me from a few killer diseases, and gives me an avenue to vent out my feelings with my friends. I believe, that it is because of the Park that it is said that countries where there is more sun people are warmer because they come out of their homes and meet in the Park. Then I tried to visualize what she thinks of us – the daily visitors. In her words:

The Marauders
The Marauders are typically the type who do not have any respect for me and for that matter anyone else. They stomp on me, they spit on me, they leave a huge pile of garbage in their wake and they pluck the flowers that I nurture with so much care for their daily religious chore at home. I hate the sight of them and if I had a gun they would have been the ones who would need those very flowers which they tore from my chest so brutally.

The Health Tourists
The Health Tourists could be young, could be old. They will visit me mostly in the mornings or in the evenings. They brisk walk, they jog, they run and they exercise depending on their individual drive to stay fit. Some of them drop out, not able to cope with the daily regime; others who stick continue for a lifetime. Among the health tourists there exists a clan of medical tourists who have been told (and that too rather strictly) to visit me every day or get laid (to rest in peace four feet under the ground).

The Gossipers
I love them – the Gossipers. They comprise mostly of the most admired form of life on earth – the females, though well past their prime and with a lot of free time at hand. In summers they congregate in the evenings and in the winters in the afternoons dragging along with them their afternoon chores to me. They form a group, their loyalty shifts everyday like the weather and they are loyal only to fellow women present on that day. None of the gang dares to be absent, lest its her turn to be dissected in the day’s session. They are very well informed about each resident, updating and indexing their information on a daily basis and I feel if you ask them about anyone’s bedroom in my neighborhood they can throw up a better result than any existing search engine on the face of the earth.

The Love mongers
They are the ones who profess peace, not for the world but for themselves. They are usually not known in my neighborhood. They come under the scanner everyday even if they try to hide under a secluded tree, looking to steal that elusive moment only to embrace each other. Sometimes they are shouted upon by the self professed moral police and they have to beat a hasty, embarrassed retreat. My heart bleeds for them!

The Sportsmen
I understand they are not marauders,  but they are forced to brutalize me in the absence of specialized playgrounds which have been sacrificed in order to accommodate more homes, make more schools (again without playgrounds or with very small playgrounds). They are young kids, who usually stay indoors playing on their PlayStations or Xboxes, but sometimes lured out by the huge success of the soccer world cup or the Olympics or Cricket. With time I have learnt to tolerate them and even love them.

The Passersby
They are the guests. They could be salesmen engaged in Direct Marketing stopping over for lunch under the shade of one of my trees. They could be the house maids, the servants who come out for a smoke or simply peace after a back breaking cleaning session at the cruel, demanding owner’s house. They belong to lower middle class, and at best, trying to live an honest life under highly tempting (because the owner is usually a rich guy) and trying (because they themselves make a pittance for themselves) circumstances. I wish God would hear their prayers at least.  



  1. Very well written, Neeraj. I look forward to whatever comes next.

    You are lucky that your park doesn’t get visits from “The Wild Ones” – these are four legged creatures of various colors, sizes and shapes. They either eat the grass, fertilize the flower beds with their natural fertilizers, dig up the ground to lay down in the cool mud (or to bury a bone or two)” 🙂

  2. Thanks Vaibhav, Need support from people like you to flourish. And you know what, your comments are funny too. Keep them coming.

  3. Then there are also the Poets. Their sighs linger on in still summer evenings.

    One could imagine Zauq in the Lodhi Gardens:

    Jaate hawa-e-shooq mein hain
    Is chaman se Zauq
    Apni balaa se baad-e-sabaa
    Ab kabhi chaley…

  4. Hi Manas,

    That was a really nice one. You have this uncanny knack of stealing the show from under the hero’s nose 🙂

  5. yahan toh bade bade logon ke comments aa rahe hain. Ab hum kya kahien? aapako yeh naayab idea kaise aate hain bhaiya? I am impressed 😀 I mean koi park ko kaise itane achhe se explain kar sakata hai, except for neeraj bhaiya of course. log toh saundarya ras, prem ras, veer ras, ya karun ras mein likhate hain…pehali baar park ras padha 😀

  6. this is sooooooooo coool, i’ve always wanted to have a blog, it is so hip and NOW, but i never knew what i would write in it. so what im gonna do is read yours and then steal stuff from it. haha only joking. this is awesome mama, keep it up. you really write well. im gonna save this as a favourite page. keep it up dude. 🙂

  7. I just hope you use it more frequently the way I do but for that you would have to come back early. Next to impossible…he…he…he….try if you can.

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